Wilmot’s Warehouse

Cute little puzzle game, free this week on the EPIC Game Store. You organise your own warehouse, deal with an ever increasing inventory, and make sure to give customers what they’ve ordered. It’s a time-management / organisational / casual game. Very addictive, but difficult as you unlock more items in the inventory.

The game is beautiful to look at, featuring Richard Hogg’s design work and Eli Rainsberry’s mesmerising soundtrack, and as such makes it an ideal “chill and enjoy” game. Sadly there’s quite a bit of pressure that the game play adds here, which makes it less enjoyable than it could be for my taste. We only have two difficulty levels to chose from, the first one of which is already for masochists rather than casual players. What I feel is missing is a sort of “zen mode” that lets players top out at say 50 warehouse items and then casually deliver products to people, rather than continuously battle with new items being added over time.

Sadly, many game developers miss the demographic of gamers that I belong to, while others get it right (see RAFT and Among Trees game choices). While I love playing this game, it’s not an enjoyable gaming experience for me.