The Occupation

It’s a first person adventure exploration game with the twist that game time is real time. Set in an alternative reality UK in 1987, we’re switching between two main people to uncover a government conspiracy. It’s intriguing and has replay value. Julia and I finished it within a couple of days (although there’s a lot we didn’t get to do).

Drawbacks are an agonisingly slow pace at times and slightly awkward controls. For example, you don’t just click on a door to open it, you hold down a button, then move the door. It’s not always clear what you need to do next. There’s also that super pointless final chapter with Charles Bowman in the abandoned house (after which there’s another “final final chapter”).

There’s an adaptive AI involved in the form of security guards chasing you out of areas you’re not supposed to snoop in. While that’s a nice technical challenge, the player experience isn’t great as you never get a real chance to explore without being followed around. That makes hunting for clues extremely difficult. While I’d love to go back and explore some more, my mind wanders to more interesting things while waiting for a guard to leave (which he never does).

Not really streaming material as the audience would probably fall asleep very quickly. On a more positive note, the environments look great, the story is intriguing and the eighties computer hacking is a lot of fun.

Made with Unreal Engine.