Mass Effect Andromeda

Yes so… this is a lemon. It’s not just the awkward animations, boring side missions and whatever else this poor title has been shredded for in the gaming press. For me it was more a super confusing story line, not feeling anything for any of the characters, unintuitive gameplay mechanics and a certain amount of overhyped-ness that wasn’t sitting well with me.

I bought this on a heavy discount via the Playstation Store. It was later available for $4.99 on EA Origin, and I was tempted to get the PC version for that price too, but it wasn’t even worth spending the extra to “take another look at it later”.

For the record, I loved Mass Effect 2, briefly tried 1, and have never tried 3 (at the time of writing). I wanted the saga to continue, but was appalled with some of the world-breaking issues like British speaking Asari or female Korgen, or really… all the rest of the cast. Everything seemed badly executed, it took forever to find anything on any planet, gameplay was boring and eventual I asked myself why I’m playing this game. Which is when I stopped and never gave it another thought.