We play as the shark, it’s open world, and it’s a novel concept. Thanks for the Fortnite Shark integration, I can’t stop thinking about it. Got it with my EPIC $10 coupon for under $20.

I’ve played it for several days, and I must say it’s actually a very fun casual thing to pick up. The graphics are beautiful, the controls are great, the lighting is extremely well done, and it feels like a very polished title. What’s letting the game down is the amount of gore and blood splatter, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and the lack of a story. We progress by doing essentially the same mission over and over again (swim, eat, unlock goodies to be able to fight larger enemies), but that’s it. Motivation for continuation is limited.

In essence, once played for a few hours, you’ve seen it all and get bored of it quickly. Good onboarding experience in the first half hour!