Lovely atmosphere and a great look: we’re in the middle of the Canadian snow storm, exploring an area devoid of people. Some puzzles need to be solved to get things working, gotta make sure we’re not getting too cold, we can smoke and drink, walk around, drive a car… yet I’m still at a loss as to what we actually need to figure out.

We’re a detective, on a case to meet a client, who we then find dead. That’s really all we know. Since we’ve already been paid, perhaps we should just turn around and forget the whole case, but we don’t. We’re now wandering around aimlessly bumping into wolves, with a limiting inventory to carry stuff, and then there’s this “shouting spirits” scene that I don’t understand. While I’d love to play this through to the end, I remember that life is too short for shit, and I wonder if my time is better spent doing something else. So I switch off the game and do something more enjoyable.

That pretty much wraps up my Kona experience. Made with Unity.