Elden Ring

Funny story: Julia and I had heard a great deal about this game, and we weren’t sure if it was all over-hyped BS or if this was a genuinely OK game. I knew it wasn’t my genre, I had no idea was a “souls game” was, and I guess part of the issue with Elden Ring is indeed that many people like me bought it due to hype rather than being a genuine fan. All we knew at the time was that it topped the charts and everyone and their dog seemed to be talking about it.

Our local Target had these three Collector’s Edition Box Sets available for $67 each. A quick eBay search showed how much the components alone were fetching, and we decided to buy all three box sets (which we barely could transport home on our bikes, in addition to the shopping we had done).

Over the next month I sold all stock, aside from one game disk that we tried and decided to keep it. With the proceeds we bought a brand new PS4 Pro, and we ended up with a free copy of the game for PS4 and PS5. What’s not to love?

Although it really isn’t my game, it was an interesting experience I’m glad we had.