Bus Simulator 18

A weirdly cool idea that lacks execution. While they’ve got all the bus details right and straight from the manufacturers, the rest of the game is pretty disappointing. Only the worst voice actors and dialogue writers were employed, and the human characters look frighteningly terrible. There’s barely any variation, the animations are limited and I’m sure there’s better content that could have been bought on the marketplace. Frequently twins and triplets will get on board, completely ruining the mood. Sadly, driving a bus in this game is as boring as I had always imagined in to be in real life.

I picked this up on sale for just under $18. While I was interested in how this rather fascinating idea would translate into gameplay, I’m afraid it was a bad investment. I thought it might be nice as a funny “look at this terrible game” type stream, I’m not sure if I want to waste more time of my short life into this than I already have. To my shock and horror, the next version has already been announced, looking exactly as this version does. Not recommended.

Made with Unreal Engine. The Editor is available for free on EPIC, although the game itself is not.